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Minor Figures, Nitro Oat Matcha Latte 200ml

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Matcha Latte – Ceremonial Grade Matcha + Oat M*lk

Our Matcha Latte is made by pairing stone-ground matcha tea leaves with our classic Oat M*lk to create a wholesome balance of sweet and natural earthiness.

Ceremonial grade (the highest measure of quality) for peak zen-like enjoyment, it also packs a caffeine hit for energy and focus. A flow of nitrogen is released the moment it’s opened to create a silky microfoam and bring the blend to life.


No dairy. No added sugar.
100% vegan. Brewed in East London.

Store in a cool dry place. After opening keep in the fridge and drink within 3 days. 


Oat drink (water, oat(16%) sunflower oil, salt), ceremonial grade matcha tea 0.8%.
Allergy Information: Contains Gluten


Serving Size 200ml

Energy 151 KCal

Total Fat 5.4g
   Saturated Fat 0.7g

Total Carbohydrate 23g
   Total Sugars 11g

Protein 1.5g

Salt 58mg