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Thank you for choosing NO ICE PACKS. Please read carefully before adding this to your cart for no ice pack delivery for your order

When you purchase any chill or frozen product(perishable goods) with us, we will include ice pack(s) in the packaging when we deliver your order. Therefore, when you choose no ice packs option, we are not responsible for any quality issue due to temperature changes. Your order is usually delivered to your home within 1-3 hrs after being picked up depending on your location.

Please consider below when you choose this option:

1) You will be home for the delivery, so you can put your perishable goods in your refrigerator as soon as possible

2) We are not responsible for any product spoilage caused by temperature 

3) The hot temperature is not ideal for any perishable goods (Especially summer time). Like Kombucha are very heat sensitive, the heat might promo another fermentation growth during delivery process which will effect the taste (less sweet) and the texture (increased in carbonation). Please consider accordingly.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns! :) Thank you for choosing us and happy shopping!