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SUPHIA'S, Collection Set *8 Bars* (Next Day Delivery available Now)

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*You are ordering 8 Bars*

All organic Ingredients:

1) KETO COCO Peanut Putter 45-50g 
Peanut butter, coconut oils*, Coconut milk powder*, Almonds, Pea proteins*, MCT oils, flaxseeds*, stevia, Himalayan salt, LOVE*.

2) KETO Cacao Coconut Butter 45-50g
Coconut milk powder*, coconut oils*, almonds, pea proteins*, Cacao butter*, XCT oils ( bulletproof) , Cacao powder*, coconut*, stevia, chia seeds*, vanilla bean powders, Himalayan salt, LOVE.

3) KETO Black Sesame Bar 45-50g
Coconut milk powder*, coconut oils*, almond , pea proteins*, Black sesame* , stevia, chia seeds* , vanilla bean powder, Himalayan salt, LOVE.

4) KETO Mixed Wild Berries Bar 45g-50g 
coconut oils*, almonds, XCT oils (bulletproof) Raspberries*, acai*, strawberries*, wild bilberries *, black berries*, Camu camu*, lemon*,vanilla bean powder, Himalayan salt, LOVE.

5) KETO Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar 45g-50g
Peanut butter*, Almonds, coconut oils*, Cacao powder*, XCT oils(bulletproof), pea proteins*, coconut*, vanilla, stevia. LOVE

6) Black Sesame Almond Bar 45g-50g 
Coconut milk powder*, coconut oils*, almond , medjool dates*, pea proteins*, Black sesame* ,chia seeds* , vanilla bean powder, Himalayan salt, LOVE. 

7) FOCUS & ENERGY Mocha Bar 45-50g
Cacao , coffee beans ,pea protein , Lion's mane & MCT oils, sunflower seeds , chia seeds , flax seeds , dates , coconut , coconut oil , vanilla , Himalayan salt . sunflower seeds , cashew nut , hemp seeds .

8) Super Anti-oxidant Matcha & Goji Bar 45g-50g
Matcha , Cashew, Almond , chia seeds , pea protein , sunflower seeds, coconut , flax seeds , dates , coconut oil , vanilla bean , Himalayan salt. 
Best before : 14 days in the fridge Or 2 months in the freezer
Vegan , Gluten free, dairy free , sugar free , soy free
Please be always keep in the refrigerator.