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ZEN-NOH Pearl Rice, Japanese Koshihikari Wash-free Rice from Niigata, 5KG

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Product Description:

"Koshihikari" is a variety produced by crossing "Norin 22" and "Norin 1" and is characterized by strong stickiness and sweetness.
Niigata Prefecture is blessed with fertile land grown by rivers such as the Shinano River and Agano River, abundant water, and weather suitable for rice cultivation, and is known as a major Koshihikari producing area. The stickiness and sweetness are strong, and the aroma and luster of freshly cooked rice are the characteristics of Koshihikari rice produced in Niigata prefecture.

Wash-free rice is environment-friendly rice which can be cooked without washing.

Cooking Instructions: 
Water and Rice Ratio is 1:1.2 to 1:1.3.
1. Add water and rice to rice cooker, wait for 30 mins.
2. Start the normal rice cooking procedure.
3. When the cooking procedure is finished, wait for 15 mins before opening the cap of cooker.

Avoid direct sunlight. Store at cool and dry place. Store in sealed container and put in refrigerator is preferred. 


Net Weight :5KG

Product of Japan

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 100g
Servings Per Container: 50
Amount Per Serving
356 Kcal
Total Fat 0.9 g
   Saturated Fat 0.29 g
   Trans Fat 0 g
Sodium 1 mg

Carbohydrate 77.1 g
Sugars 0.12 g
 Protein 6.1 g