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Maruha Nichiro JP, Frozen Hokkaido ¼ Thick Cut Potato 1kg (Frozen)

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Crunchy frozen Hokkaido 1/4 thick fries with strong potato flavour

One of your best options for air-frying and baking

A best fit with friend’s party and snack


Hokkaido Potatoes

Nutritional information 
Serving Size 100g
Serving Per Container: about 10
Amount Per Serving    
% Daily Value* 
Energy 74 kcal
Total Fat  0.1 g
   Saturated fat 
   Trans fat
Total Carbohydrates  16.9 g
   Total Sugars 
Protein  1.7 g
Sodium  0 mg
*Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet